ADDITIONS Collage Cards [8 Pack]


** We now have two series of ADDITIONS cards! Choose from SERIES 1 or SERIES 2 below! See more images of both decks on Instagram at @morphicadditions!

+ ADDITIONS are “collage cards”— cards featuring images and textures laid out in formally elegant arrangements, curated by the collaborative duo of allison anne and Jeremy P. Bushnell. This pack contains eight random cards from the first official series of 96—but no two cards in the pack are alike. It also comes with a free postcard!



✁ The cards (3"x4") are beautiful enough just to collect on their own, but creative reuse is encouraged! All the content was either sourced from or has been donated to the public domain (CC0), so the imagery is free for you to use or share, without restriction. Cut them up, tear them apart, glue them together, add them to your art materials, remix them a hundred different ways.

♣ They’re also a game, where the winner is the player who can best spot unexpected similarities and patterns across the cards. (The game requires each player to have eight cards, so you'll need two of these to play a two-player game, and we recommend a library of around 48 cards to allow for a more varied play experience.) Ages 12 and up.

❂ Please visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the ADDITIONS third-party license and terms of use.